Religious School at Congregation B'nai Israel

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Religious School Overview

   Our CBI Religious School seeks to impart the most important aspects of Judaism to our students (from Early Childhood Education to Confirmation) and to build a sense of community and shared values, while having fun. We aim to convey meaningful content in the context of a warm, inclusive learning environment.


“Enduring understandings” are big ideas that have lasting value beyond the classroom. It is what we want our students to retain even if they forget many of the details covered. Enduring understandings require exploration and engagement, and they provide a larger purpose for learning.


Here are some of the enduring understandings we strive to impart:


  • I am part of the Jewish family, starting with my own, to my synagogue, all the way to my connection to Am Yisrael (the Jewish people).

  • We have a responsibility to use our Jewish values to help us be better people and to help others (friends, community and the world) to live healthier lives.

  • The Torah is our guide to living a good Jewish life. Reading as well as interpreting Torah is our right and responsibility as Jews.

  • Holidays help us connect to our traditions, our community, and the world.

  • Observing and celebrating Jewish life-cycle events bring a sense of sacredness to our lives.

  • We are all created in the image of God, who expects us to act morally, ethically, and justly.


   Aided by the innovative curriculum of the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL), our Religious School Director and our educators think deeply and plan carefully for how they convey these big ideas to our students. They are our Religious School compass, framing the questions and guiding our learning.

Tuition Information



Our beloved Rabbi Henry Cohen (z’’l) believed that Religious School is not a privilege for only those of means; it is a right and responsibility for all who care about our Jewish future and our personal Jewish identity.

So, today, the membership of CBI stays committed to ensuring our Jewish youth identify as Jewish adults by offering the very best Religious School education—from the innovative curriculum of the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life —to any Jewish child in the greater Galveston area at no cost to you!

   All that CBI asks, in exchange for this priceless Religious School Education, is that the parents be congregants of CBI or Beth Tikvah , and a pledge of consistent attendance (which is part of the CBI Religious School Enrollment Form). Although not required, any financial contribution you wish to make (separate from your CBI Annual Financial Commitment) is also appreciated.


Lipnick Jewish Summer Scholarships

   As an incentive for fulfilling that commitment of consistent Religious School attendance, CBI will provide your child(ren) a $1000 scholarship for an approved and organized Jewish Summer Experience (i.e. Jewish Summer Camp, Israel Trip, Mitzvah Corps Project, etc.).


   To take advantage of this generous scholarship — made possible by CBI congregants’ donations — your children must maintain regular Religious School attendance and parents/guardians must be contributing congregants of Congregation B'nai Israel - Galveston in good standing.


Religious School Calendar 2021-2022

Please also see our congregational calendar for Religious School activity dates by clicking here.


6   - Erev Rosh Hashana

7   - Rosh Hashanah (5782)

15 - Erev Yom Kippur

16 - Yom Kipppur

19 -  Welcome Back: Sukkah Decoration

20 -27 - Sukkot

25 - Jacob Hart Bar Mitzvah

26 - No religious school

28 - Sh'mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah



2   - Zach Masel Bar Mitzvah

3   - Zoom Class

10 - Columbus Day : No Religious School

16  - Quinn Quigley Bar Mitzvah

17 - Religious School in CBI back yard

24 - No Religious School

31 - Religious School in CBI classrooms



7   -  Religious School in CBI classrooms

14 – ISJL Program (Location TBD)

21 – Thanksgiving Break

28 – Thanksgiving Break

28 – First Night of Hanukkah



5 – ISJL Program (Location TBD)

6 – Last Night of Hanukkah

12 – Religious School in CBI classrooms

19 – Winter Break

26 – Winter Break


2 – Winter Break

9 – Class (Location TBD)

15 – Aiden Easton Bar Mitzvah

16 – MLK Holiday—No Religious School

16 – 17—Tu BiShvat

23 – Class in CBI classrooms

30 – Class in CBI classrooms



6   – Class in CBI classrooms

13 – Class in CBI classrooms

20 – President’s Day—No Religious School

27 – ISJL Program (Location TBD)


6   – Class in CBI classrooms

13 – Spring Break

16 – 17—Purim

20 – Spring Break

27 – Class in CBI classrooms


3   – Class in CBI classrooms

10 – ISJL Program (Location TBD)

15 – 22—Pesach

17 – Class in CBI classrooms

24 – Class in CBI classrooms

27 – 28—Yom HaShoah


1   – Class in CBI classrooms

3 – 5—Yom Hazikaron & Yom HaAtzmaut

8   – Class in CBI classrooms.

15 – Last Day of Religious School (CBI classrooms)