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Congregation B'nai Israel: Our Mission and Values

Be motivated by our mission and connect with our core values!

Congregation B'nai Israel's Mission

Congregation B’nai Israel is an inviting, intimate and inclusive community of faith, deeply dedicated to strengthening Jewish identities and Jewish values in the greater Galveston Bay area. Through Reform Jewish study and prayer, community engagement and cultural programs, our Congregation encourages and energizes the spiritual fulfillment of all its members. As we strive to deepen the relationships within our Congregation, we actively reach out to widen our connections with the greater community, sharing with them the beauty of our Jewish heritage: “pursuing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God.” (Micah 6:8)

Congregation B'nai Israel's Core Values

Communication (tikshoret)

As an inviting, intimate, and inclusive community of faith, Congregation B’nai Israel values the voices of our individuals members, who wish to offer their perspectives and passions, their time and talents, their souls and support for the benefit of enriching the entire Congregation, whether inside or outside the Temple.

CollaBoration (shituf p’ulah)

More than our sacred place, wherein we assemble for meaningful programs, Congregation B'nai Israel values the thoughtful interaction -- the collaboration -- of our people. From babies to bubbies, our community of faith consciously cultivates transformative relationships meant to inspire communal and personal direction and action.

Innovation (chidush)

Through our respectful communication and intentional collaboration, Congregation B’nai Israel fosters and values a spirit of innovation within the lives of our individual members as well as the Galveston community at large. Infusing a sense of renewal in tradition is how we – at Congregation B’nai Israel – make our world a healthier place to reside.

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